Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Paying is expensive

The most recent popular in the entertainment district is the destruction of the perfect person. This time, the light of a person sets the light of a hot pot, it is the perfect Mr. Meng fei.
In a recent interview, meng fei responded to the "too expensive" and "bad" evaluation of the hotpot restaurant he Shared with huang lei. He said the comments on the Internet were not so responsible, and that there was no consumption to comment on. "You have to use it," he said. "you're entitled to say it's not expensive," or "you haven't eaten it, Cheap nfl jerseys chinaand you're not qualified to say it."
Netizens immediately burst into the pot. One netizen commented: "it is not good to eat, it is true that you can only judge if you eat it, but you can evaluate it if you see the price list. Why do you have to eat it before you say it?" But others say the price is not outrageous, in the hope that consumers will not pay for the added value of star hotpot restaurants.
The storm of public opinion in mengfei involved two major events: the star opening and the star setting. In this story, they are perfectly integrated and turned into a storm of public opinion.
Did the public not have the hotpot, is it not qualified to say that the hot pot restaurant is expensive? The more important question is: does the perfection of mencius justify the collective bad review?
The public, of course, is entitled to question the prices of any hot pot restaurant, including mencius and Mr Huang
Mengfei huanglei's hot pot restaurant, is the price really expensive? For the general public, the price is a little expensive.
According to the media exposure menu, the cheapest price of the pot is 78 yuan, the price of the food, the fresh hair belly of 198 yuan, and the cattle as high as 398 yuan per share! Of course, there are cheaper dishes. In addition, some netizens posted orders on the Internet, and five people spent more than 1,000.
But mencius' return is: you have not eaten the unqualified speech.
Morphy defended their hotpot restaurant, it is human nature, or have no voice, he felt no ChiKe rights regardless of whether or not he morphy, said as a first-line managers of the catering industry, in fact is not qualified and netizens call this board.
You say that is not a guest not to investigate well, cheap snapbackssay they do not know the market, can not say that he does not make this statement. If Internet users can't question and criticize the hot pot restaurant for not having a menu, who else is qualified?
Second, should hotpot restaurants be criticized? Or is it wrong to criticize star restaurants in this environment? I think the criticism is perfectly fine. The price of a star restaurant is, of course, the choice of the market, and on the other hand, it is a good thing to be on the lookout for stars.
From the investment risk, if you at this time the entertainment industry has built a reputation and public image, full of the milk of human kindness and wisdom still to choose to be a boss, investment and pricing with market eyes that are to be at great risk, because these two kinds of image will conflict, and the image of your price may be more than to earn back.
For mencius' return, netizens have a lot of good and reasonable return, but the simplest reason is: did not buy LV still do not know this thing is expensive?
The public is certainly entitled to question any hotpot restaurant, including monsanto. The question is whether meng is qualified to go back to his star power.
The biggest problem for mengfei is not that the hotpot restaurant is expensive, but the most plausible reason is that his logic is wrong
For mencius, this is both a failed public relations crisis in the restaurant industry and a crisis in the entertainment industry.
From the tactical level, of crisis public relations morphy Huang Lei hotpot restaurant of your question, has been more than a day, wholesale nfl jerseysmorphy crisis response is refuse, but it was already delay too long, as for the emphasis on the logic of Internet users in the response, rather than the cost the technical details of hotpot restaurant, I choose to understand, after all excuse for logic,  easier than specific price comparison to blow in.
However, the question of whether or not you are qualified to say anything at this time will only allow the media to write "meng fei netizens" as the report.
A star host called on a panel of Internet users, and in the case of crisis pr, the choice itself is the worst crisis pr. After all, even if there is a problem with the logic and truth of the Internet, the public's doubts about mencius are inevitable as long as the price on the menu is ok. At this point, any secondary dissemination of the topic will be harmful to meng's personal brand.
In other words, from the point of view of crisis management, mengfei's return to the war has been lost in strategy.
Is it really expensive? Netizens are actually also have different opinions, some people think that price is not unusual: "fill five people on the list, cheap nfl hatsordered more than 20, 222 per head, some good points in areas not each hotpot restaurant this price is very normal, and every shop is expensive and cheap, you have to stare at you see I didn't also the way", "don't have to do is avoid the most expensive, also has a price of beef and normal wool belly!"
In fact, many netizens are still acceptable to the price, and the famous shop is certainly not the same as the hot pot store that we normally go to, so there will be some people who will spend it, and they will not want to go.
The problem is that the logic of the debate is the biggest bug in the event.
Media has a rule, if a longstanding sound is not effective in certain spheres of spread, the sound will be accumulated in the form of potential energy, once when morphy fault logic to inspire the public debate the wider attention, after the potential energy will be at double speed boost the sound propagation.
So we all saw the spread of the incident multiple at the time of meng fei's response.
It was mengfei's own fire that ignited the public opinion, which is the key factor in mengfei's questioning in the public opinion dilemma.
Why the perfect people in the entertainment industry mess up? Because every fan is a "star restaurant" for a lifetime
It is not hard to see that the model of the perfect man of the past, meng fei and huang lei, has recently suffered a crisis and is all about "eating".
But one is the late-night canteen on TV, cheap jerseysa real-life hotpot restaurant that's too expensive to question.
For artists, the "perfect person" from the unknown to the audience, usually requires careful and painstaking efforts for years. But elaboration the perfect people for many years, may be because of a TV show, a "bad review" of public crisis will be destroyed, "dining room in the middle of the night" word of mouth, the collapse protagonist Huang Lei set of people has been moved. This time round, to mengfei.
It should be said that the star of entertainment industry has not only opened a shop, but it is more than that of meng fei. But, people do not exist in isolation, the audience that nudges wise morphy that appear in variety with reality, and the price is hotpot restaurant boss morphy compared gap between expectation and disappointment unavoidably form gullies, and the audience psychological gap, destined to harm to some star persona.
Is it really expensive? Both consumers and netizens have an account, but for mengfei, it is not only the work of the hotpot, but also the public's mind, who is mengfei? It is not that the price of the hotpot is not convincing, but that the response of meng fei is less convincing, and that the meng non-habitual wisdom of the quiet dialogue with netizens is less.
Why is it that the perfect people in the entertainment industry are always in trouble? Because star one set and maintain, is the star for the rest of your life will never be out of business "star restaurant", every fan is the restaurant diners forever, cheap jerseysinstead of a star's perfect man withstand "customers" are a group of bad review.
The perfect person in the entertainment circle is like a practice, it is a lifetime thing.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Back to work

Finally i make up my mind,go back to work。my baby is one year old now,but that was the hardest one year to me,so many things,cheap jerseysexactly bad and unhappy ones came up together. still,i cannot help myself crying when looking back
my elder brother,who Love me most in this world suffering from a car accident,in the coming days,he will accept another surgery operation for his head. it has been six months in hospital, i hope every thing goes will,and my brother can recover soon!


today i received a call from our client. She just shouted in loud Voice.wholesale jerseysActually i was very angry and wanted to to shouted back.But she is my client.
As a client, It is her work to check everything clearly then send to us, So we will not check with them again.
But what does she do. She always send what the client send to her to us with many doubts. If we check with her again and again she will be angry.
I am also work in the foreign trade company once. But we can not work in this way.
Everthing we must check clearly and then send to the factory. If we are not clear then how shall the factory know about it.
So in my daily life, I always taught my daughter how to control our tempertation and do not be irritated.Then we can get along well with our friends, cheap snapback hatsclassmated or people around us.

Boring Meeting

  Regularly, there are three meetings per day and they don't include other meetings which from other department's invitation. Sometimes, cheap nfl jerseyswe involve too much time at the meeting that I think it is nothing. Due to lack of organized ability by meeting organizer caused the insufficient of efficiency so that few participator could take more attention to what actual the organizer said at the meeting. Even when the organizer is speaking, some others take their cellphones for fun. The phenomenon is serious especially when there is no big boss on site. What's more, from my opinion, some meetings are used for making a decision or getting a final conclusion instead of discussing what will do when face issues. Unfortunately, most of cases, so many precious times are killed at the meeting so that we have to take extra time to complete tasks that should be completed within working hours.
     Occasionally, in order to avoid occupying by such boring meeting, I may absent one or two times with some excuses. cheap hatsI know that is not a long-term strategy but that is current the best way I thought to escape from a meeting.

Monday, May 22, 2017

The knight of the warrior was too easy

It's only a matter of time before the warriors and the cavaliers meet again in the finals, after all, the two teams will be too aggressive in the division finals. Nothing interesting the result of the situation, both the warriors and the cavaliers almost unbeatable team, cheap soccer jerseysconsecutive have injury has become one of the factors to influence the degree of good.
Let's start with the injuries to four teams in the east and west.
[the list of injuries in the eastern and western conference in 2017]
The Celtic baby Thomas was reimbursed for the right season
The spurs have been reimbursed for the four-headed season
SAN Antonio was reimbursed for the ankle season
Spurs David lee paid for the season on the left knee
The warriors' right heel is suspected
The warriors have been in doubt over the knee injury
Wayne rooney's butt is in doubt
On the surface, the warriors and injuries the largest number of teams, but there is only one of three wounded warriors palmer ChuLi villa players, cheap MLB Hatsbut also in the third series iguodala, and palmer ChuLi was just a defensive player, is not the main offensive. Instead, the warriors coach cole was out of the game, unable to command the most serious illness in the warriors.
As for the cavaliers, they are the most healthy team in the playoffs this year, at present from the team main force to rotate players, to substitute, the cavaliers to keep the health of the whole, this is also the cavaliers in the division series one of the secret way.
In contrast, the celtics and the spurs, the disabled are absolute main force player, small Thomas is not but the celtics offense, and he was the team's tactical core, is the team scoring stalemate phase of the small. Even if the celtics pull back, it's inevitable that the cavs will advance.
Spurs' injuries from parker's backcourt core, to the SAN Antonio spurs attack tactics + core Leonard, + inside one leading to the main substitute David lee, cheap nba hatsthe spurs within all three lines including both at home and abroad, this leads to the SAN Antonio spurs the whole offensive line completely paralyzed.
Actually starting from the western conference semifinals, the spurs have showed the injury of side effects, especially in the western conference finals against the warriors, the board is more obvious. The SAN Antonio spurs are missing out in the western conference finals for the first time this season. In addition, the warriors are averaging more than 50 percent shooting percentage, the first time the spurs have seen it in the playoffs this season.
So the injury problem has seriously affected the spurs' offensive and defensive ends, cheap nfl fitted hatswhich makes popovich's work hard for him.

A brave man is an undefeated man

If you are not a warrior or knight fans, heap nba jerseysso, I'm afraid you will be in this year's playoffs boring, boring, or the emotions of despair and suffering.
There hasn't been a playoff series since the beginning of the millennium, as this year's lack of suspense.c
In the west, two days ago, the warriors won the SAN Antonio spurs away from third time this year, just one step away. They also tied the record for the 1988-89 season and the 2000-01 season of the 2000-01 season.
In the east, the cavaliers' playoff journey is almost a replica of the warriors. In the first 10 games, the cavaliers were unbeaten. They didn't get to the top of the game until the last game, and they were killed by the celtics and stopped winning.
Perhaps, since the 1980 s after the celtics and lakers, which both teams never, can in their own disciplinary area, at the same time show so strong dominance.
For the past three seasons, the warriors have been the best team in the league, scoring 73 wins in the regular season last season, nfl jerseys cheapbreaking the record for a top bull. This summer, the warriors have been able to dig for durant to get a further upgrade, thanks to a soaring salary cap.
If the season is open, there are doubts about the four giants' grind. Maybe, when in March this year, Kevin durant, injured people for the warriors postseason prospects and some worry, so so far this season, all the concerns of all doubt, has already gone.
This season, the warriors' 100-point defense efficiency is 115.6 and 104.0, averaging 11.68 points per game, with three figures ranked 1st, 2nd and 1st in the league. If only the match points were scored, the warriors would be more fierce than the 73-win season. Today's warriors, the attacking system is so rigorous and impressive. In the playoffs, they continued to have high scores, high assists and a three-point shooting range. Whether it's the pioneers, the jazz, or the spurs, there's not much to do in front of the warriors.
As a defending champion, the knight's strength naturally does not take many watches. In order to be able to keep up with the warriors in an arms race,  cheap nhl jerseys,the cavaliers have also updated their lineup this season. But the constant turnover of the men caused a lot of trouble for the knight. In addition to the regular season, James is concerned about his former club and his brother's relationship, and has taken a number of strategic shifts. These two factors helped to make the cavaliers lose the eastern top throne at the end of the regular season.
But don't be fooled by the cavalier performance of the cavaliers, who have been in the playoffs for a minute to get back to the top of the game. In the first two series, the cavaliers did not face too much resistance and were able to reach the eastern conference finals. In the first two battles of the east, James led the team to the north shore garden. Despite G3, the Cleveland cavaliers lost a game because of Bradley's murder. But after a narrow victory,cheap ncaa jerseys the green army's hopes for a turnaround are still small. It is only a matter of time before the cavs will be allowed to retire from the green army.
Of course, apart from the warriors and knights, their opponents have suffered a series of setbacks and are the main cause of the playoffs in the playoffs. For warriors and riders, it is a delight to see the two top teams fighting in the finals for three years. But for the rest of the league, for the NBA's management, the two big, boring games are clearly not what they want to see.

The spurs to 18 years in 50 games

The spurs has always been at the top of the years, there is no doubt that this is a can reverse the growth of the team, whether it's Duncan, or fast gregg popovich, a 70 - year - old, and this could be the last battle of manu ginobili, they all wrote their own immortal monument in the NBA record. What is the secret of the spurs' immortality after 18 years of 50 wins? Is probably the team upstream, the kind of system and different from all the team construction, cheap nfl jerseyslet them become different, see the monster knife may be a manifestation of a game after you will understand, people here always have a feeling of excessive magnificence washed, this is any team could not do. The spurs have done over the past two years, from Duncan retired usher in the age Duncan, the seamless docking Leonard era, always league's top teams in the SAN Antonio spurs.
Duncan retired last year and even played the best defensive performance level, it is hard to imagine you rock in years to 20 years in addition to white hair looks still can be in a certain period of time to kill. It's like ginobili in this game. After entering details, ginobili still in shock, breakthrough, details the last seven minutes, ginobili staged a rightward drift with three points, and then is completed a right-handed layup after breakthrough, the spurs last gasp, all reflected in the manu ginobili of a person's body. Is not offensive, ginobili even send out the personal in the playoffs this year the most assists, demon knife that bald head suddenly shine, it is belong to the history of one of the top 2 rings, fighting spirit is the spurs surrender and aura. In the game, ginobili ran off the ball, jumped the ball and won mackey, and hugged popovich, and the four shots of manu, which we never forget.
Parker after reimbursement, Wholesale jerseysactually spurs cap seems to have plateaued this year, but still no one thought that the profoundness of the spurs had accumulated over the years will be in the west should first completes the super outbreak, if the first regular season opener to annihilate the warriors at that time seems to be the epitome of the warriors in adverse, so in the west should first 23 points and easing the bit in the spurs led the warriors is background contrast a portraiture of the nouveau riche. Obviously, if it's not Leonard's expense, this series will really end with a golden state. At least seven.
Parker also squarely hit the playoffs before submit an expense account records, including his three-pointers also created a new high, in the playoff appearances, ginobili and parker even top level 3, because GDP combination as the first trio of league history, and gregg popovich's real big four, the big four across the league for 20 years, you even in the four major sports league also see this mentoring relationship, built the model, the traditional model, from Robinson to Duncan, from Duncan to parker, from parker to Leonard, the spurs era of GDP as a banner and crossed a few times still flying over the glory of the NBA.
The spurs won't die, GDP will only grow old, if manu ginobili also retired will remain a "P", but any person in SAN Antonio is a symbol of honor and they represent a kind of spirit, cheap mlb jerseysthis spirit is to support the spurs could be a perennial real reason. Let's pay tribute to GDP, pay tribute to popovich, and pay tribute to the great SAN Antonio spurs.